About Anish Krisna

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I  really thank people who are reading my about me page.

My name is Anish Krisna I am a young internet marketer having plenty of knowledge to share. I have have been in this space of affiliate internet marketing for 1 year.  I always tell the truth because, I started my blogging in mid August 2016 and failed many times.

Reason why I failed because, there  are so many miss-lead products out there in market and will promise you in will couple $100 dollar to six figure earner. I dam sure there is really no six figure internet marketer in world all are bribing you you will make sure money in internet.

Okay What the catch WHY I AM DIFFERENT ? I will you how to make real money online but HOW

Its simple I have a lot of knowledge to share.

Well many people ask me ask me how earn money online?

Its simple THE MIND SET is the most important. Apart you have to start blogging in your domain. Example : Since I want to earn money online I started this blog and share valuable content at the begin, Finding offer to promote in your in chosen space and the most important is writing own content may be 300 to 500 word at beginning and last scaling it up to max of 500 to 1000 words. Sending Traffic is the most important to your blog. Do check my post how to sent traffic to your blog.

I like internet marketing because it is a hobby that I do and since it is an industry where you can get the maximum income results. If you see my review section where I make most of the money and If you see my Freebies section where I give more value to people “It is simple give people What they want Don’t Just sell them something to make money from“.

Do check out my other post where I talk about making most out of this blog <anishkrisnareview.com>

Hi have also many site that you may be interested in WWW.GRAABME.COM (Where i run smart product shop that people need in daily basics)

I also have another blog Called WWW.RESIGNATIONMANAGER.COM (This is my first blog where i provide more Training to people for free and write about products)