October 9, 2017

Day #1 Sessions

Setting Up Your Profitable Online Business…

We’ll start with our keynote speaker for the day. Once you’re on fire and ready to kick-butt, here’s an idea of the topics we’re going to dive into:

#1AFFILIATE MARKETING 101Getting FAST Commissions

How To Make Money Selling Other People’s Products

Rather than wasting time creating products and taking on all that risk. We’ll show you how to tap into 20,000+ products that are 100% DONE and ready to be sold. You’ll earn 50-75% commission from selling these!

You’ll learn how to identify what products rake in the highest profits, without ever having to create them from scratch. Then, all you have to do is learn how to drive traffic to these products, we’ll show you exactly how!

#2DIGITAL PRODUCTS 101Creating 100% Margin

How To Build, Market & Sell Your Own 100% Margin Product

We’re in the DIGITAL age today. Especially with all the amazing tools and automation at our disposal, there are many ways to create your own products. Never have inventory. Never need warehouses. Create instant delivery & have 100% margins!

We’ll walk through the various different kinds of digital products and how to create them. You’ll also master the art of selecting the BEST niches. I’ve sold over $120 Million worth of Digital Products, trust me – if you want FREEDOM, there’s no better business.


The 5 Step Formula To Locking In a Powerful Niche…

The #1 way to FAIL online is to start in the wrong niche. You’ll master a 5 step formula we use to immediately investigate a niche. Start on the right track & your journey will be much easier!

Plus, we’ll reveal a tool for you that delivers the Top 20 niches right to your doorstep. If you want, you can 100% skip the REVIEW process altogether.

Read enough? Ready to SAVE YOUR SEAT? Join us for the VIRTUAL #LurnSummit and we’ll reveal exactly what we’re doing! It’s just $1 to save your seat now!

#4FIRST SALE – 48 HOURSCreating FAST Income

The Copy & Paste Formula To Creating Your First $ in 48 Hours!

When creating an online business, it’s important to set-up for the long-term, but let’s face it: We want to see FAST results! That’s the best part about the system we use.  It takes hours to set-up and even less time to start traffic.

Many of our students have seen results in just 48 hours! Even though our goal is to show you how to make millions – it all starts with your first $1.  Well, with the steps we give you, you’ll be exactly what you need to create a long-term AND short-term business!

Let’s execute fast!

#55-STEP LIST BUILDINGHow To Build a 100,000+ Email List

How To Collect Your First 1,000 Emails In Just Days…

Even if you’re just starting out, you can build a list of a thousand or more subscribers in just a few weeks. 100% from scratch. It all has to do with the right plan of execution.

So, here’s what we do.  First, we use a simple 5-step system to actually get your business up and LIVE. I’ll actually show you LIVE how to build this (HINT: I’ll build an entire business in less than 20 minutes). Second, we use one of TWO traffic strategies that can bring in leads FAST.

Listen, I’ve collected over 4 Million Email leads in my life. I’ll give you the best of the best of how I did it!

#620 MINUTE CHALLENGEQUICKLY Launch Online Business

Watch Me Start an Email Business – In Minutes…

The PROOF is in the pudding, right? Well, we walk to the talk here at #LurnNation. I’m going to build a business in-front of your eyes in 20 minutes or less. Yes, from scratch.

I won’t even have a niche picked before I start building the business – the audience actually chose the niche for me. From there, I’m going to use a very special tool and my quick system.

You’ll see a business being born in-front of your eyes! All you need to do is just make 100% sure that you save your seat!

Seriously, just being able to watch me build a business right in front of you should be reason enough! Join us for the VIRTUAL  #LurnSummit and get your start! It’s just $1 to save your seat now!

That sums up Day #1…

Besides the session replays, you’ll also get access to the Q&A session we hosted with our students at the event. Chances are, you have some of the same questions they did so make sure to watch this! Day #1 is fully focused on building and setting up your business the right way.

But, the real FUN really begins on Day #2…

Day #2 Sessions

Getting Traffic, Killer Conversions & Scaling Your Business

We’ll again start with our keynote speaker for the day. Shortly thereafter, we’re going to dive into some incredibly powerful and ADVANCED training. It’s time to talk TRAFFIC & CONVERSIONS:

#7FACEBOOK MASTERYThe 3 Step Formula

Exactly How I Scaled a $20 Bill Into $13.5 Million…

January 2016, I sat down and had a “DO or DIE” moment. I needed to figure out TRAFFIC and I needed to figure it out FAST.  But, I had been burned so many times, I was scared. So, I decided to make a declaration. I would work day and NIGHT until I could master Facebook.

Well, 18 months later I turned a $20 bill into $13.5 Million. That’s right, without ever having even ONE month where I lost money. I’ll show you my exact formula to basically getting unlimited traffic from Facebook for “FREE.”

#8SOLO ADS & EMAIL MEDIA1,000 Clicks Overnight

The 24-Hour Approach To Generate a TARGETED
Email List…

The FIRST major success I had – did you know over a decade ago, it was thanks to SOLO ADS. I’ve been running them all my life SINCE then. I’m proud to say that they still work like gangbusters today.

Well, not only do they work amazingly well, but I’ve created the Industry’s #1 traffic platform for Email media. That’s right, we’ve created the BEST place in the Industry for you to go to and be SAFE.  Solo ads can bring in an avalanche of leads and sales for you – almost overnight.

I’ll show you how. Join me for the VIRTUAL #LurnSummit and master traffic generation and list building! It’s just $1 to save your seat now!

#9KILLER COPY & CONVERSIONSTraffic  Leads  Sales

My 5-Step Formula For Increasing Conversions by Up To 300% $120 Million – that’s all I have to say.

Yes, $120 Million is what I’ve been able to sell online in the last 15 years (since I got my start). Well, if you were to ask me how? I’d tell you straight up that it’s because of my ability to sell through the art of the WRITTEN WORD. Simple.

Sales letters. VSLs. Webinars. Emails – you name it. I’m going to hand you a simple 5 step formula that allows you to copy my results. It doesn’t matter if you hate writing, it doesn’t matter if you’re not even good at writing. You’re going to master the formula!


How To Legally Print Money Every Morning in 15 Minutes…

The #1 way to legally “PRINT” money is to simply take 15 minutes to write an Email and hit the SEND button. I’ve had days where I earned over $100,000 just because I could type a quick EMAIL.

Well, I use a simple formula – I want to reveal it to you. When I’m typing a broadcast Email, I make sure it’s one of 4 different kinds of Emails. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less. The formula works for any kind of business in any niche.

This is a formula I’ve typically only released in a $2,000+ course, however, I’ll be helping everyone master it for just $1!

I’ll be revealing things that I’ve only taught in the past in my high-ticket courses. This is your ONLY CHANCE. Just $1 – don’t think about it. Click now and join me for the VIRTUAL  #LurnSummit!


How To Create an Automated Communication Machine…

What if you could 100% automate your business?  I mean to the point that you don’t even have to put in the 15 minutes every morning. You do only one thing:  Focus on building your Email list. Period.

Think about it. How great would life be? Doesn’t that sound like actual financial freedom? What if I told you that it’s 100% possible through the power of AUTORESPONDERS?  You can “set it and forget it.”  If you hate writing, I’ll show you how to set it all up just once and then let the business run itself – in ANY niche you want and in as MANY niches as you want!

Trust me, you’re going to become an EXPERT in Email Marketing. Mark my words.


The Latest & Greatest Tools That Launch & Manage Everything…

The one thing I’m in awe of every day are the tools we have today. When I first started, I had to learn to do everything the hard way. From creating your 1-page website, to creating your ads, images, videos and even your copy – there are now an unlimited amount of amazing and automated tools!

I’ll not only show you what tools to use, but we’ll show you HOW to use those tools. Basically, if you’ve ever been worried about technical things, well, show up to this SUMMIT and you’ll never worry about it again!

Ready to SAVE YOUR SEAT? Join us for the VIRTUAL #LurnSummit and we’ll reveal exactly what we’re doing! It’s just $1 to save your seat now!

#13PASSIVE INCOME SCALINGMultiplying & Scaling

How To Repeat The Process & Launch Multiple Businesses…

If you ask me today – I have over 7 companies. 3 of my companies are OVER 7-Figures a year (2 are 8-figures). Most of the companies I own are automated and take less than 30 minutes of my time per WEEK.

This is exactly what we mean by PASSIVE income, right?  Actually, TRUE wealth is 100% derived from being able to build wealth without actually working hard for it.

This is exactly why we’re going to make you a MASTER of this formula! The formula you learn in this session is going to show you just how to build big businesses – all in an automated fashion!

When Day #2 Is Over…

…by the end of Day #2 – you’ll be empowered and prepared for the ENTIRE business!

Given the resources & tools that we share, you’ll actually be able to LAUNCH your entire business. But, we’re still not going to be done…

After you finish all the sessions, expect us to host some more webinars and training to keep the continuing education going!

YES! I’m Ready To Save My Seat! For Just $1